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In De Ster and De Lelie spices are regularly mixed and ground in a traditional way. This happens with the force of the wind using the old machines of the mill. Because of the calm and simple grinding proces the spices keep there taste very well. Our assortment consists of the following spices and mixed spices:

  • Cinnamon - ground | 1.00 per box of 50 gram
  • 100% ground cinnamon, delicious with apple dishes such as apple pie or applesauce. Cinnamon can also be used in cakes, rice pudding, cooking pears and marinades. Furthermore, cinnamon tastes good in coffee or tea.

  • White pepper - ground | 1,25 per box of 50 gram
  • 100% ground white pepper, usable in all kinds of dishes. It strengthens the taste of meat and gives a spicy taste to soup and puree. White pepper is spicy, but slightly more aromatic than the sharper black pepper.

  • Curry - ground | 1,00 per box of 50 gram
  • Our curry consists entirely of mixed spices: cayenne pepper, fenugreek, ginger, cinnamon, cumin seed, coriander, turmeric, allspice and black pepper. Curry is delicious to use in rice and chicken dishes.

  • Cloves - ground | 1,25 per box of 50 gram
  • 100% ground cloves. Delicious with, among other things, beef, stews, soup with legumes, fruit, game and red cabbage. Cloves are known for their powerful and spicy taste.

  • Dutch cookie spices - ground | 1,25 per box of 50 gram
  • Dutch cookie spices consists entirely of mixed spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardemon and white pepper. Dutch cookie spices can be used for gingerbread, cake, pastries or in stews.

  • Meat spices - ground | 1,25 per box of 50 gram
  • Our meat spices consists entirely of mixed spices: cloves, coriander, thyme, black pepper, allspice, ginger, laurel, nutmeg, mace en cayenne pepper. These meat spices give your meat a spicy taste and smell.

Unfortunately, we have to increase the prices of our cans with spices. The old prices date from more than 10 years ago and since then our costs have risen considerably. Unchanged is that all benefits are used to maintain the mills.

All spices can be bought in De Ster when the mill is open. The spices are also available in larger packages, please contact us for more information.

Do you want to grind spices or herbs on wind power? We can grind different spices or mixed spices according to your preference. Due to the size of the machines in the mill, the minimum amount is about 10kg.

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Above prices are excluding shipping costs. You can order via the e-mail address below. You will receive a overview of the costs and upon receipt of the amount due the order will be sent. You can also pick up the spices in the mill.


More about grinding and mixing

Nowadays herbs and spices are ground in modern mechanical mills, often in the country of origin. This is efficient, safe and fast. Why then do we grind on wind force spices in De Ster and De Lelie? Here we have a number of reasons for:

  • In operation, the mill comes into its own and we can best show you how to grind spices with very old machines.
  • By regularly grinding spices, we maintain knowledge about grinding spices on wind power.
  • Spice milled spices are a unique product and the profit benefits the mills.

Most spices are ground on the edge stones. In this way the regrind is crushed by the large weight of the stones (the stones of De Ster are approx. 2.5t each) and the tight turning circle of the stones. During milling, the spices are continuously mixed by sliders so that the spices are also mixed at the same time. As a result, the spices do not get hot during grinding so that smell and taste are kept as good as possible. After grinding, the spices are sieved to get a constant fineness.

Thanks to

The grinding of the spices is made possible by Catz International B.V., a Rotterdam based company from 1856 and specialized in the international trade of spices, herbs, seeds, coconut products, dried vegetables, nuts and tropical fruits intended for the food industry

snuff tobacco

We regret to inform you that due to EU reglementation we have stopped selling snuff tobacco. Ordering of snuff tobacco is not possible anymore.