At the end of 2016 De Ster and De Lelie were handed over by the municipality of Rotterdam to Stadsherstel Historisch Rotterdam NV. Stichting de Kralingse Snuif en Specerijen compagnie De Ster en De Lelie, founded on June 11, 2004, manages the mills and consists entirely of volunteers.


maalzolder van De Ster

The objectives of the foundation are:

  • Sustainable use and preservation of the historic windmill complex De Ster and de Lelie
  • Increase awareness among Rotterdammers and tourists
  • Ensuring the continuity of knowledge and experience about the production of snuff and the grinding of spices
  • Maintain and further investigate the history of the mills, both the complex and the processes


To fulfill the objectives, an enthusiastic team of millers, apprentice millers and other volunteers do the following activities:

  • Open up and operate the mills
  • Give guided tours
  • Grinding of spices
  • Demonstate production of snuff tobacco
  • Sell on windforce ground spices
  • Maintenance to the mills and the yards
  • Research into the history of mills and snuff and the production of snuff tobacco
  • Promotion of the mills among Rotterdammers and tourists

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us with this! We are especially looking for people who like it to give guided tours. Interested? Come along or contact us via our email address.

Future plans

In the future, we want to expand our activities to further achieve our objectives. A short overview of our plans:

  • Improving the facilities for visitors and volunteers, by renovating and expanding the barn behind De Ster. This gives way to a multifunctional visitors room, toilets, a small kitchen and workshop.
  • Further promotion of the windmills via the various Rotterdam information channels for tourists and cooperation with entrepreneurs around the Kralingse Plas.
  • Expand grinding and selling spices.

Support us!

Do you want to support us? That is possible! You can make a donation via international money transport on behalf of 'De Kralingse Snuif en Specerijen Compagnie', The Netherlands. Our BIC code is RABONL2U, account number NL95RABO0133818284.